Still Plugging Along

I haven’t updated in awhile.  One thing is for certain.  I am getting very addicted to exercising.  I’ve purchased a punch card at a local gym & am working out there 3-4 x’s per week in addition to doing Zumba 2 nights a week.  I also run daily at home on my treadmill & do spin class on Fridays.   Additionally, a personal trainer showed me how to do some exercises with heavy weights to try & tone my butt.  Ugh.  The extra skin won’t tighten.  I’ve filled some of it in with muscle on my thighs, but I’m beyond discouraged with it because I am doing so much to tone and there are spots that are just ridiculous & saggy.  What can I do?  I talked to my hubby about the possibility of having it removed.  If I keep it off for 2 years, he is agreeable.  I hate waiting that long, but it may also give me the time to get used to it & maybe learn to embrace it.

I read a lot of weight loss blogs.  Most state that they can live with the skin because it’s like a battle scar.  It reminds us of what used to be there.  Fat.  I don’t agree with that, though I don’t have a problem with others feeling that way.  I just really want my battle scars to go away.  Blah.

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What’s Next?

So, I’ve been contemplating what is next for me. Do I stay happily at the 150 mark? Do I try to reach 100 pounds lost & go down to 141? I like this range that I’m at. I can stay here comfortably without much threat of gaining weight. However, I feel like I am selling myself short because I know I could do it. My husband started on this journey in the past month. He is doing fabulous & we have totally revamped our eating for the better! I ate low calorie food, but didn’t always incorporate veggies into my diet. Now, I’m making better choices and enjoying it thoroughly! I have decided that I want to get down to 141 pounds by March 29th. I think I could totally achieve this sooner, but that date is important to me because it’s my one year mark for starting on this leg of the journey. So now I’ve made a decision & I guess it’s time to start weight loss mode all over again. Here goes nothing!

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I DID IT!!!!!!

Tonight I stepped on the scales at my Weight Watcher’s meeting and became a lifetime member! It’s official now. It’s been 6 weeks since I hit my goal weight and I weighed in below my goal at 149.8 pounds. That’s actually a gain, but I’m still below 150, so I’m thrilled!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!

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HRM success!

I have been wanting & researching heart rate monitors for several months now. I was very thorough & read all the reviews for each monitor that I thought I wanted. After careful consideration, I picked out one, told my husband, and patiently waited until we could afford to buy it. Ron surprised me with a monitor for Christmas, but it was not the one I had picked. I was happy to have one, but this one was very complicated and didn’t seem to work correctly. I couldn’t get it to pick up my heart rate, and I would click buttons according to the directions & nothing would happen. Needless to say, it had to be returned. This week, I received the monitor of my dreams. Only, it didn’t work. Again. Not only did it not work, but I read more recent reviews that said it didn’t show calories burned unless it was used outdoors as this watch was primarily for running & calculated calories based on the GPS system. I really wanted to use this watch for running, but I wanted it to work for all exercise as I’ve been doing indoor workouts during the cold months. So, since it wouldn’t work anyway, it had to be returned. So frustrated! I ended up at Walmart & bought a cheap HRM for $47. Turns out, it works perfectly & I love it. I bought it without even checking reviews, so I consider this very lucky. It won’t do what I want for running, so I may end up buying a 2nd one for that, but at this point, I am very satisfied & I love knowing exactly how many calories I have burned after a workout.

I wore this last night for Zumba & today for spin class. I burned almost 400 calories at spin. Typically, I would have estimated myself to burn 4 activity points for a 1/2 hour of high intensity, and this is technically 8 points. Now I know why I lost weight faster than expected. I’ve been burning double the calories that I thought I was. Very happy to learn this!!!

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Motivational Speaker? Me?

I was asked to share my weight loss story last Saturday. I am NOT a public speaker, but I managed to get up the nerve and go for it. How liberating! I stood up in front of a group of about 20 people & cried my way through my story. It’s strange to be someone trying to motivate others. I was just a fat girl who lost a bunch of weight. I haven’t done anything extraordinary, and I think that was the point I wanted to make. Losing weight is hard, but anyone can do it. It just takes the right mind-set. Honestly, I can’t give the right advice to people unless they have the motivation to do it first. It takes that motivation to propel a person & help them stick to it. I was honored. Truly honored! I’m trying to get used to the maintenance part of this journey. It’s been challenging to stick to my healthy habits, but the one thing I crave even now is to exercise! I just ordered my Garmin GPS 305 Forerunner watch:

I am excited to learn how many calories I burn with each different exercise. I’m also excited to start running again outside & to be able to know my pace, distance, and calories burned. I am over this winter, cold & snow & cannot wait for Spring. Happy Monday!

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A Gain – But not really…

I FINALLY got those annoying 3 pounds off that I managed to slip on. Not only that, but I lost a 4th pound. How exciting, right? Well, technically, the last time I weighed in was 2 weeks ago. I had just recovered from the flu & I was down several pounds. Since then, I gained back every pound I was down & then 6 more! Wow! It’s pretty amazing how off the wagon I had really come. So, I skipped weigh-in last week for the first time ever. This week, I got back on the scales. I was 148.8! Down from last weeks drama filled gain, but technically up from my last official weigh-in. Oh well. I know that it was a serious loss & I was pleased. I just have to get myself in check & be consistent. It’s a lessen for myself that I need to weigh in, even when I gain so I can keep track of my true progress.

I’m finding the meetings to be a bit annoying lately. I do really want others to lose weight & enjoy when new people join. But there are about 50 new people & it’s so crowded & the meetings are totally geared for those who have never been before. I went early tonight so I could beat the line at the scales. Well, so did everyone else, so that didn’t really work for me either! I will continue to attend because I KNOW that I will gain back my weight if I stop weighing in. I just may leave before the meetings as I feel like the scales are the part I need. I miss the regulars who used to attend. I’ve noticed that with the new people joining, many of the older members have stopped attending.

On a brighter note, I’ve been asked to speak at a class next Saturday, 1/22, regarding my weight loss story & to answer questions others may have about getting started! I’m so beyond flattered that anyone would consider my story something worthy of hearing. I didn’t really feel that I did anything miraculous, but maybe that’s the point. I simply lost weight & making it sound simple may be appealing to others. Simple, but hard. Is that an oxy-moron? Anyhoo, nervous, but excited to share my story to others!

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Off the Wagon?

I fell hard. Off the wagon. Not good, but could have been worse. I gained 3 pounds & put a screech on my snacking. I admit that I was tired. It’s been over 9 months since I started this journey & I just needed a break from the tracking, thinking, obsessing. Unfortunately for me, I can’t go off track since I have a tendency to binge eat, pick food that is not healthy, etc, etc… I’m proud of myself for getting it in check before I became completely out of control. I don’t like that I skipped weigh-in yesterday at Weight Watcher’s, but technically, I only have to weigh in once a month now that I’m on maintenance. I will probably continue to weigh in weekly, but I just couldn’t face what I already knew.

I did the new Jillian DVD that I bought. Correction. I did half of the DVD. I have never done such a hard DVD before. Ever. My legs were trembling from the burn & I just could. not. continue. This was 2 days ago & I can still barely move. I really need to try it again so I can stretch out & get the pain to go away. I need to prove to myself that I can do the entire 40 minutes. It’s tough. Hopefully my next post will be one of positive, back ON the wagon updates!

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