Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

I haven’t been able to do my 3 mile walks lately. I’m not one who likes to walk in the frigid rain. Brr! I’ve been riding my exercise bike the past few days & am ready for another weekly weigh in. Hoping for happy news and so far, my scale is smiling on me! Wish I could go in, strip naked, and weigh that way, but I may scare off a few of the other people there! According to my scale at home, I’ve lost 20 pounds! This is my first personal goal. My next goal is to get below 200 lbs. Can’t wait to see that happen, and it’s much closer than it was a month ago!!! I will post my weigh in amount after I get weighed this evening…

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2 Responses to Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Woot Woot! 20 pounds is awesome! I'm jealous and wish I was at 20 pounds! I'm going to try to walk tomorrow if there is no rain. We'll see if my feet can handle it. I'm down 8 pounds for my first week, so all in all it's been pretty successful! Keep it up!Becky

  2. Anonymous says:

    You will be in "one"derland before you know it. I am so flippin proud of you. Love-Laura

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