Run Like the Wind!

The heat finally broke – slightly – so I decided to do my walk/jog around the neighborhood instead of inside. I did my light jog & tried to convince myself I was an actual runner. Yep. I managed to run an entire mile without stopping! How totally proud I was! In my entire life, I’m sure I’ve never made it a mile without stopping. Ever. It was truly an Ah Ha moment where I discovered that I could do things with a bit of determination. I am excited to go out & try to do it again. My goal is to eventually be able to run 3 miles without stopping. There is a 5K coming up in October. That totals 3.1 miles. I want to be able to jog the entire way. There is no prize, but it’s my new goal that I’m setting for myself. My weight continues to go down. I lost 2.8 more pounds in the past week! That is music to my ears!!!!! Last night I got on the elipitcal for 30 minutes. I’ve never done that for more than 15 minutes, so I set 2 new records for myself yesterday. I’m a bit sore today, but I feel so awesome!

Last night, I got out a bunch of clothes in my closet that I had in the “skinny” pile. I fit into every pair of pants & some were actually too big! I can’t wait for fall so I can show off my new clothes. Many still had tags on them, but I’ve owned for several years. Very cool. I tried on my “fat” jeans for the first time. They were huge, but not as huge as I expected them to be. I need to make a trip to Goodwill & clean out my closet! I’m really liking the new me & I’m excited to see the end in sight for the weight loss. Of course, that isn’t an end to my weight struggles, but once I hit goal, it becomes a new goal of maintenance. I pray that’s easier for me than the losing part. So far, this has been the easiest time I’ve had losing weight. Yippee!

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