Gotta get there – Then what?

So I just typed up a long post & then it deleted somehow. UGH! Not a fan of repeating myself. I’m down 59.8 pounds now. So close to 60, but not quite. Frustrating, but exciting at the same time! This journey has happened so quickly for me (at least it seems to have flown by). I started on this trek on 3/29/10. Here I am about 5 months later, and I’ve lost almost 60 pounds. How crazy to think that I’m not the fat girl in the room anymore. I feel so good! My right knee still hurts as much as it did before, so I do think I’m probably getting arthritis (getting older sucks!) But my hands don’t go numb at night like they used to & I do think there is something about the weight that made that happen. Hmm – fat wrists? That just seems odd but whatever!

I mentioned to my WW leader that my biggest fear through this entire process is what happens when I actually get to my goal. I am very competitive & I work very hard to reach a goal. Once I’m there, I fear that I will quit or slide back to my old habits. My parents reinforce that it will be hard to keep it off & that my progress will be slower now that I’m smaller. These things may be typical, but why the need to throw that in my face when I already am struggling? I have had zero negativity from anyone else throughout this entire process. In fact, I have been getting such wonderful praise & feedback that it makes me wanna keep going.

Below are pics taken to show my further weight loss. (About 10 pounds down from the last pics). I personally can’t see a difference from the pics & probably should have warn the same outfit. Who thinks of that stuff beforehand though? Gracie posed in the pics with me & I was laughing when I published them because I had no idea she was posing with me…

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