Off the Wagon?

I fell hard. Off the wagon. Not good, but could have been worse. I gained 3 pounds & put a screech on my snacking. I admit that I was tired. It’s been over 9 months since I started this journey & I just needed a break from the tracking, thinking, obsessing. Unfortunately for me, I can’t go off track since I have a tendency to binge eat, pick food that is not healthy, etc, etc… I’m proud of myself for getting it in check before I became completely out of control. I don’t like that I skipped weigh-in yesterday at Weight Watcher’s, but technically, I only have to weigh in once a month now that I’m on maintenance. I will probably continue to weigh in weekly, but I just couldn’t face what I already knew.

I did the new Jillian DVD that I bought. Correction. I did half of the DVD. I have never done such a hard DVD before. Ever. My legs were trembling from the burn & I just could. not. continue. This was 2 days ago & I can still barely move. I really need to try it again so I can stretch out & get the pain to go away. I need to prove to myself that I can do the entire 40 minutes. It’s tough. Hopefully my next post will be one of positive, back ON the wagon updates!

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