A Gain – But not really…

I FINALLY got those annoying 3 pounds off that I managed to slip on. Not only that, but I lost a 4th pound. How exciting, right? Well, technically, the last time I weighed in was 2 weeks ago. I had just recovered from the flu & I was down several pounds. Since then, I gained back every pound I was down & then 6 more! Wow! It’s pretty amazing how off the wagon I had really come. So, I skipped weigh-in last week for the first time ever. This week, I got back on the scales. I was 148.8! Down from last weeks drama filled gain, but technically up from my last official weigh-in. Oh well. I know that it was a serious loss & I was pleased. I just have to get myself in check & be consistent. It’s a lessen for myself that I need to weigh in, even when I gain so I can keep track of my true progress.

I’m finding the meetings to be a bit annoying lately. I do really want others to lose weight & enjoy when new people join. But there are about 50 new people & it’s so crowded & the meetings are totally geared for those who have never been before. I went early tonight so I could beat the line at the scales. Well, so did everyone else, so that didn’t really work for me either! I will continue to attend because I KNOW that I will gain back my weight if I stop weighing in. I just may leave before the meetings as I feel like the scales are the part I need. I miss the regulars who used to attend. I’ve noticed that with the new people joining, many of the older members have stopped attending.

On a brighter note, I’ve been asked to speak at a class next Saturday, 1/22, regarding my weight loss story & to answer questions others may have about getting started! I’m so beyond flattered that anyone would consider my story something worthy of hearing. I didn’t really feel that I did anything miraculous, but maybe that’s the point. I simply lost weight & making it sound simple may be appealing to others. Simple, but hard. Is that an oxy-moron? Anyhoo, nervous, but excited to share my story to others!

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