Motivational Speaker? Me?

I was asked to share my weight loss story last Saturday. I am NOT a public speaker, but I managed to get up the nerve and go for it. How liberating! I stood up in front of a group of about 20 people & cried my way through my story. It’s strange to be someone trying to motivate others. I was just a fat girl who lost a bunch of weight. I haven’t done anything extraordinary, and I think that was the point I wanted to make. Losing weight is hard, but anyone can do it. It just takes the right mind-set. Honestly, I can’t give the right advice to people unless they have the motivation to do it first. It takes that motivation to propel a person & help them stick to it. I was honored. Truly honored! I’m trying to get used to the maintenance part of this journey. It’s been challenging to stick to my healthy habits, but the one thing I crave even now is to exercise! I just ordered my Garmin GPS 305 Forerunner watch:

I am excited to learn how many calories I burn with each different exercise. I’m also excited to start running again outside & to be able to know my pace, distance, and calories burned. I am over this winter, cold & snow & cannot wait for Spring. Happy Monday!

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