HRM success!

I have been wanting & researching heart rate monitors for several months now. I was very thorough & read all the reviews for each monitor that I thought I wanted. After careful consideration, I picked out one, told my husband, and patiently waited until we could afford to buy it. Ron surprised me with a monitor for Christmas, but it was not the one I had picked. I was happy to have one, but this one was very complicated and didn’t seem to work correctly. I couldn’t get it to pick up my heart rate, and I would click buttons according to the directions & nothing would happen. Needless to say, it had to be returned. This week, I received the monitor of my dreams. Only, it didn’t work. Again. Not only did it not work, but I read more recent reviews that said it didn’t show calories burned unless it was used outdoors as this watch was primarily for running & calculated calories based on the GPS system. I really wanted to use this watch for running, but I wanted it to work for all exercise as I’ve been doing indoor workouts during the cold months. So, since it wouldn’t work anyway, it had to be returned. So frustrated! I ended up at Walmart & bought a cheap HRM for $47. Turns out, it works perfectly & I love it. I bought it without even checking reviews, so I consider this very lucky. It won’t do what I want for running, so I may end up buying a 2nd one for that, but at this point, I am very satisfied & I love knowing exactly how many calories I have burned after a workout.

I wore this last night for Zumba & today for spin class. I burned almost 400 calories at spin. Typically, I would have estimated myself to burn 4 activity points for a 1/2 hour of high intensity, and this is technically 8 points. Now I know why I lost weight faster than expected. I’ve been burning double the calories that I thought I was. Very happy to learn this!!!

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