What’s Next?

So, I’ve been contemplating what is next for me. Do I stay happily at the 150 mark? Do I try to reach 100 pounds lost & go down to 141? I like this range that I’m at. I can stay here comfortably without much threat of gaining weight. However, I feel like I am selling myself short because I know I could do it. My husband started on this journey in the past month. He is doing fabulous & we have totally revamped our eating for the better! I ate low calorie food, but didn’t always incorporate veggies into my diet. Now, I’m making better choices and enjoying it thoroughly! I have decided that I want to get down to 141 pounds by March 29th. I think I could totally achieve this sooner, but that date is important to me because it’s my one year mark for starting on this leg of the journey. So now I’ve made a decision & I guess it’s time to start weight loss mode all over again. Here goes nothing!

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