Still Plugging Along

I haven’t updated in awhile.  One thing is for certain.  I am getting very addicted to exercising.  I’ve purchased a punch card at a local gym & am working out there 3-4 x’s per week in addition to doing Zumba 2 nights a week.  I also run daily at home on my treadmill & do spin class on Fridays.   Additionally, a personal trainer showed me how to do some exercises with heavy weights to try & tone my butt.  Ugh.  The extra skin won’t tighten.  I’ve filled some of it in with muscle on my thighs, but I’m beyond discouraged with it because I am doing so much to tone and there are spots that are just ridiculous & saggy.  What can I do?  I talked to my hubby about the possibility of having it removed.  If I keep it off for 2 years, he is agreeable.  I hate waiting that long, but it may also give me the time to get used to it & maybe learn to embrace it.

I read a lot of weight loss blogs.  Most state that they can live with the skin because it’s like a battle scar.  It reminds us of what used to be there.  Fat.  I don’t agree with that, though I don’t have a problem with others feeling that way.  I just really want my battle scars to go away.  Blah.

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